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Shay Wolf is a prairie-born classical pianist turned singer-songwriter whose haunting, dreamy voice captivates audiences. With roots in classical music, Shay transitioned to songwriting to explore the raw, honest facets of human experience through her alt-pop sound. Her journey from classical pianist to an enchanting solo artist has been marked by a relentless pursuit of authenticity and emotional depth in her music. Inspired by nature and life's complexities, Shay's vocals and melodies are dreamy yet haunting, while her lyrics are scornful yet optimistic.


Compared to Sarah McLachlan, Ellie Goulding, and Birdy, Shay Wolf has carved a unique niche with her ethereal alt-pop style. Her debut EP, ‘Stay,’ released in March 2023, showcases her ability to weave stories of loss and longing with hope for a brighter tomorrow. Collaborating with renowned Winnipeg musicians and producers like John Paul Peters, Shay created an expansive acoustic soundscape that invites listeners into her world of vulnerability and resilience. Currently, Shay is writing her next project, an alt-pop album, promising to delve even deeper into the beauty and pain of being human, solidifying her place as a compelling voice in the music industry.

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