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Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, Shay Wolf is a classical pianist turned singer/songwriter. whose music finds its way into the cracks of your heart. Her music works its way into the cracks of your heart and will leave you feeling like you’ve just daydreamed for hours watching the clouds go by. 


Self-described as an optimist by nature, her music explores the depth and complexity of being human: her vocals and melodies are dreamy yet haunting, and her lyrics are scornful yet optimistic. She has been compared to Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell and Regina Spektor. 


Shay Wolf released her debut EP, ‘Stay’ in March 2023, and the EP draws on the themes of longing and dreaming. It features vulnerable vocals and an expansive, dreamy sound as Shay Wolf weaves stories of loss with hope for a brighter tomorrow. The EP reflects the artist’s own personal struggles and the journey she has taken in her life. Shay Wolf has teamed up with well-known Winnipeg musicians and producers such as John Paul Peters and musicians Jon Plett on drums and Julian Bradford on cello for the project.

Coming out of the pandemic and with the release of her debut EP, Shay Wolf is launching herself into the Winnipeg music scene with the goal of becoming an integral part of the city’s rich musical talent. She is pursuing as many opportunities as possible, including performing at the University of Manitoba’s own UMFM Live Session, growing as an artist in the SNAC (St. Norbert’s Arts Centre) Mentorship Program, and performing in local festivals and shows such as the Leaf Performance Garden, Harvest Moon Festival, Park Theatre, Winnipeg Fringe Festival, and Whoop & Hollar Festival.

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Shay Wolf

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